All Saints Day

1 Nov 2010 by admin, No Comments »

John and I have always been fond of visiting old cemeteries.  Last week, we went to one of the oldest cemeteries in our area.  While many of the statues and stones are melting away, there were several that were still breathtaking.

And the ones for children grabbed my heart.

My children were scared by this one.  No one wanted to get too close.

You can almost see his eyes glowing.  The favorite of the kids by far?  This fella.

Because there is nothing like a dog statue to remove the scariness from a cemetery.  We wondered who this dog was and just knew he was special.

Time wore out many of the words on the tombs and we were left wondering what the stories behind them were.  How ironic that these stones, meant to be a marker for all time of a person long gone and taken by decay, fall prey themselves to time and erosion, and in the end, nothing is left as a remembrance.  Their stories are gone as surely as their mortal remains.

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