Creepy Corners

31 Oct 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

The back entry.

The bird house was another trash pick.  It used to have cutesy ducks all over it (scary in their own right).  The ducks fell prey to my chalkboard paint.

Just hours after I set this up, the wind knocked over the mirror and it shattered.  You would think that I’d know better than to prop a mirror on a windy day but, no, some things I never learn.  When I told DNA that I would now have 7 years of bad luck he laughed and said “No, mom.  You need to be looking in it when it cracks to get the bad luck.”  Uhm…..yeah…..that would really be bad.

One Comment

  1. Nancy says:

    Snopes has some remedies to avoid the bad luck. One is to take the broken pieces and touch them to a tombstone. Fun thing to do on Halloween night! Also – some explanation on why Duncan may have a point. Mirror captures your soul. Life takes 7 years to renew. In 7 years, you have a new start.

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