Halloween Prep

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The excitement is building.  All costumes are now complete.  DNA put the finishing touches on his.

Any guesses what he is going to be?  The days of sweet and imaginative costumes for him have passed.  He’s now in the “gorier and scarier is better” phase.  He will be a “Bloody Butcher” complete with fake cleaver.  Charming, eh?

Miss Mojo decided to go as her favorite condiment.

This one was truly fun to make.  We got a yellow sheet at the thrift store for $2 and, along with some fusible foam I had in my stash, the only other thing we needed was imagination.  Fortunately, Mojo provided that.  She is thrilled with the results, as am I.

My last costume to make was for the guy who kept changing his mind every other day.  For a while, it looked like he was going to be a viking (again…..for the third year in a row).  One morning last week, he said he wanted to be a bandit so I latched onto the idea and here’s what we came up with.

Another thrift store treasure.  I cut down a suede vest and added fringe but I am most happy with how his pants turned out.  They started out as women’s soft velveteen pants.  I managed to cut his pants out of them and add fringe along the side panels. They even have a zipper fly and pockets.  I think they are one of my best pants sewing ever.  And Oli, while he likes his soft and cozy pants, he’s most thrilled with the black mask.  He wears it around the house constantly and any time it’s on his face, he’s a bandit.  No costume necessary.   Not even super-perfect pants.

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