Balloon Glow

30 Sep 2010 by admin, No Comments »

It’s a yearly tradition, on the eve of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, to go to the Balloon Glow.  All the hot air balloons fill a field and, at the sound of an air horn, they all fire up!

It’s beautiful and majestic and just plain fun.  Gone are the days when the whoosh of the burners scared my children.  No more do we run racing out of the park, pushing a stroller with a screaming child as fast as we can.  No, these days, we linger.  We picnic with friends and meander between the balloons.  My children marvel over the size of them, pick their favorites,  and dream of floating up in the air.  At the end of the night, as we’re hiking to our car (yes, hiking…..parking is scarce!), we talk about the best balloons, how pretty they were, and what fun was had.  And when we get home, and tuck them into their beds, they, unlike the balloons by then packed away for the big race, are still glowing.

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