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29 Sep 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

I am finally getting around to finishing the other horses I knit this summer.  This one became a birthday gift for Mojo’s friend — a fellow horse lover.  Mojo made the saddle and bridle for her friend with a little bit of help.

And since my daughter had another party to go to on the same day, we also made this gift set together.

These are composition books that were covered with fabric.  The little chicken is for fun.  In the card we put “write something to crow about.”

Daughter and I have been having so much fun crafting that we decided everyone needs handmade gifts this year for Christmas. We went to an eclectic craft fair with some friends last weekend and came home brimming with ideas.   I guess if we start now, we might actually be able to do this.  I love to make gifts by hand but making them with my daughter — well, that’s even better.  It’s a gift for me to see her little crafty heart at work.

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  1. megan says:

    What craft fair did you go to? We have a big one in our town annually– “Strange Folk Festival.” It was this past weekend as well!

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