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19 Sep 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

Yes, I am addicted to making over thrifted tee shirts.  Fortunately, Oliver goes crazy over the results — jumping up and down and dancing with glee and begging to wear them right away.  Here are a few more.

The Chairman

And a pirate shirt.

The pirate shirt was not so much as a tee-shirt refashion but more like swiping the interesting bits off a tee and sewing them on a shirt I made from scratch.  The pirate emblem was on the back of a tee  along with advertising for a bar.  Since my kids aren’t in the habit of bar hopping (yet), I just cut out the flag and swiped the pocket that was on front to put on a sleeve.

Oli was so excited he hopped around like a bunny.  Who knows, maybe it’s not the process I’m addicted to as much as the result — a delighted boy.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Looking for a significant date on which to wear the Chairman shirt, but all are past or not school days. Birthday is celebrated on Dec. 26. Died on Sept 9. Oh well. They might have a problem with it at school anyway. Are you raising a little Commie, you chicken-owning hippies?

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