Art in our home

24 Feb 2008 by admin, No Comments »

Aside from our ship painting, we don’t really have anything that would be considered “real” art in our home. About as close as we come is the stuff created by our resident artists. My children are very lucky to have an art teacher at school who introduces them to different styles and media. They regularly bring home breath-taking projects that have been worked on for weeks. The walls in their school are covered with these creations and we felt ours should be too. All we needed were some simple matching frames and an empty wall.
Even better than expensive art….art from the heart.

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  1. carolynswafford says:

    My office has the same decor – 3 framed pictures of my son’s first grade art. And I love it!!! You’re right, “art from the heart” means so much more!

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