Sewing with Nancy

31 Aug 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

Nancy brought along a vintage curtain panel.  She found this among her mother’s items after her death.  Her mom made it way back in the early days of her marriage for her first baby’s nursery.  We thought it would be fun to repurpose it into something useful.  It took us nearly a week to figure out what that useful thing should be.  Can you guess what we decided upon?

It’s a knitting needle roll.

We put a clever little zipper in the side seam to hold stitch markers and small bits.

It rolls up neatly.

It even fit in Nancy’s over-packed suitcases (a week of thrifting will fill them….).  It’s fitting that we made a knitting needle roll since Nancy’s mom first taught her to knit.  It’s been several years since her mom passed on but I know that each time Nancy starts a new knitting project, she’ll be right beside her in spirit.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for capturing the story that goes along with this fabric and our project to re-purpose it. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes.

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