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30 Aug 2010 by admin, No Comments »

Lately, with I’ve been too busy to write.  The reason is Nancy, my best friend in the universe.  Nancy lives outside of Richmond, VA but she came to visit me for a week to celebrate her birthday.  Guess how old she is.

Yep.  The big 5-0.  Not only did Nancy request a birthday number shirt, she actually wore it proudly.  I love that girl!   We had tons fun exploring and went to no less than 8 thrift stores and acquired a number of useful and bizarre items.  We made big fun cooking messes, played games with the kids, drank lots of coffee on the porch, and chatted for hours. I dragged her on more school drop offs and activity run-arounds than she’s probably ever seen (or wants to ever see again….).  In short, we had a fabulous week and now that she’s back home it seems too quiet around here.  We all miss Nancy (and her husband, Wat, too) but know that we’ll see her again.  Geographic distance means we don’t see each other nearly as often as we’d like but what’s a couple hundred miles to a friendship like ours?  A great reason for road trips and more adventures together.  Thanks for visiting, Nancy!  And come back soon!

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