A hat

22 Feb 2008 by admin, No Comments »

“Momma, make me a hat.” A simple request from Oli but as it was made right before nap time and became more specific, I was a bit worried. It had to be green. It had to be out of paper. A feather was required and it must look like a pirate hat and an elf hat. And…and…and. The hour between lunch and nap is very precarious around here. Oli still naps most days but as the napping days are waning, I’m not sure from day to day whether there will be a struggle getting upstairs and in bed. Making the hat to his exact and changing-by-the-moment specs could make the difference between a happy nappy or a full-blown tantrum. With much trepidation, I began cutting and stapling. And, voila! Happiness!
It was a good nap day.

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