Scenes from Chicago — Field Museum

22 Jul 2010 by admin, No Comments »

We spent a day at the Field Museum.

It never seems crowded and there is so much to see.  Every time we go, we tease Oli that he hatched from an egg this size.

He kind of likes that idea.

We got brave and descended into the depths of an Egyptian tomb to get creeped out by the mummies.

And laid on ancient beds.

My kids were amazed that little wooden blocks were used instead of pillows. The blocks weren’t as uncomfortable as they looked.  Considering that my kids require a pile of pillows and blankets and stuffed animals to sleep, this was shockingly primitive to them.

There was a lot to see and touch and explore.

We ended the day with lots of new knowledge and the satisfaction of seeing old favorites.

With heads full of science and discovery we went back to the hotel for happy dreams — in modern beds with pillows and blankets and as many stuffed animals as they could pile on!

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