Scenes from Chicago – Day 1

20 Jul 2010 by admin, No Comments »

We’re in Chicago for the week.  John has a business trip so the kids and I came along for some adventures.  Our first stop into town is always to see my cousin.  We went for a river walk in her area.

The kids ran up and down a giant grassy hill.  Over and over.

The speck in the background is my cousin’s two-year-old son.  We affectionately call him “super diaper baby” because he’s always trying to keep up with the big kids.  He usually succeeds.

For fun, here’s a shot of the kids lounging around.  But only briefly!

The running, walking and playing hardly wore them out.  They stayed up until almost 11 and then all fell asleep in a heap in the family room — sleeping bags, pillow, and stuffed animals in all directions.  Just like when my cousin and I were little.

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