Vacation Knitting

20 Jul 2010 by admin, 2 Comments »

While away on vacation, I started to get back into my knitting groove.  And, as usual, I found one pattern I liked and knit several items from it.  This time the items were horses.

The knitting and seaming was done on vacation.  Mojo and I felted them after we returned home.

This was my first time hand felting anything.  It was messy but fun to do.  Once felted, the horses were stuffed and then finished.

This one was sent across state to my niece Madelyn.  The other two are awaiting some finishing.  I find that I like knitting far more than sewing on manes and tails and faces.  My daughter is chomping at the bit to get hers finished so I just need to get them done.  I’m on vacation again this week so maybe when I return?  For now, I’m knitting on.


  1. megan says:

    Too dang cute!! I think I will have to look up that pattern and work on some for Jess for Christmas. She will be enamored!

  2. Shannon Henrici says:

    I MUST have the pattern!!!!!! How awesome! I love the horse. Also, your site is awesome. You have some great ideas. You are my mentor is raising my little girl. Nancy fills me in on your experiences.

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