Vacation Zen

11 Jul 2010 by admin, No Comments »

Last week, we were on our yearly family vacation — at a lodge in deep Missouri along a river.  This lodge is a place where my husband vacationed as a child — along with his extended family.  They all still go there.  Daily float trips, some canoe paddling, a little horse back riding, and lots of time with my kids’ favorite person — Uncle Bob.

Bob had a birthday during this trip so John made him a tee shirt (see — I am not the only crafty one in our household).

I know it’s kind of hard to read the shirt — it says “Embrace Your Inner Tube.”

When I awoke one morning, and went in Bob’s room for coffee, here is how I found him.

I couldn’t resist snapping a picture and then pouring myself a cup of his coffee.  He was getting into his vacation zen.  And with a cup of his fresh brew in hand, I was able to get into mine.

It’s always good to be with Bob.


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