May Music

5 May 2010 by admin, No Comments »

It’s almost the end of the school year which also means music recital time.  Mojo’s violin teacher hosted a recital for her students and invited any siblings to play their instrument as well.

Can I gush for minute about how much I love her teacher?  We’ve known Miss Cynthia since Mojo was a little tyke.  Every week, Mojo loves to see her and I don’t think there is a more kind, gentle, loving (and super-talented) teacher on the planet.  And how sweet to think of siblings and invite them to play.  So, DNA played, too.

And then she fed us pizza and all the kids ran around in her beautiful backyard.  We finished up with these.

Very messy but tasty cupcakes made by Mojo and me — a sweet ending to another year of music.

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