Easter — a little late

21 Apr 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

Yes, I know Easter was a few weeks ago.  I’ve fallen a bit behind since spring is finally here and all the outside projects (new chicken run! garage sale planning! flower planting! garden starting!) have taken over my life.  This year, the weather was surprisingly beautiful for Easter (it usually rains) so it was nice to egg hunt without mud.

Oli is sporting his “Easter Hat.”  When I took him along with his sister to buy her an Easter dress, he told me he needed a new Easter Hat.  And he was certain this red ball cap was it.  It didn’t exactly scream out Easter to me but, why not?  He hopped around like a happy bunny when I bought it (and every time he wears it) so I guess it’s appropriate.

And here is Miss Mojo in her Easter dress.  Definitely more normal attire than a red ball hat.

She’s with her cousin Aly.  We joke that Mojo is Aly’s “minnie-me” since she tries so hard to keep up with her.  They really are similar — even though there are 10 years between them.  Both are girls who can roll-up their sleeves, tackle the world and still look adorable in an Easter dress.

One Comment

  1. megan says:

    Mojo is stunning! She’s is growing into such a beautiful young lady. Oli is a charmer as usual.

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