Late Night Prep

4 Apr 2010 by admin, No Comments »

Early on in my mothering “career”, I set the bar pretty high for the Easter morning basket hunt.  My kids now expect an trail of clues in blown out real eggs that lead to their loot.  While we’ve scaled back the loot considerably — they now get a small basket of candy — no toys or games or gadgets, I continue our hidden basket tradition.  Which means that yesterday, I blew out eggs.  And last night, after all kids were in bed, I set up the egg hunt.

This morning, the baskets were found with glee.  They were happy with the clue and the candy.  John and I were happy that they slept until 8am.  Gone are the mornings of super-little kids who wake up before dawn hopping with excitement.  Now, they sleep in and then get buzzing with excitement.  This way is so much easier on the parents who stayed up late preparing for the morning.  Sleeping in on Easter — here’s to a new holiday tradition!

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