April Fool

1 Apr 2010 by admin, No Comments »

Being April Fool’s Day, breakfast needed to be something out-of-the-ordinary that we never have on school mornings.  How about fried eggs?

My kids looked skeptically at these before venturing to taste them.  Not only do I never make them fried eggs (school day or otherwise) but I guess they don’t often get whipped cream with apricots on them either (thanks Julie Y for the great idea!!).  For lunch, I carefully opened snack size bags of chips, doritos, and fritos and switched out the contents.  The bags were hot-glued shut with a note inside.  I also emptied out packets of fruit snacks and replaced them with candy.  Which, I guess, isn’t such a stretch.  If I thought there was really fruit in those snacks, then I must be the April Fool.

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