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Because I just can’t knit just one and, maybe, because I’m crazy and get all obsessed with knitting tiny things, I’ve made more birds.

They have all been claimed by the children around me. I have one more on the needles for a small friend but now I’m finally feeling done with this pattern. My new obsession? Fingerless mitts.

I made this pair over the weekend and have another pair already started. They are almost necessary to wear in this cold house —- along with slippers. Each winter, I knit fresh slips for my kids. I’m a little late this year. Only Mojos are done (finished in Oct) and Oli’s were almost done for the longest time. I finally finished them.

This pattern captivates me because the knitted slipper is HUGE.

Then it gets felted in the washing machine and shrinks up all thick and firm and cozy.

One pair left to make for the winter. I’m thinking that just as soon as it’s done, our cold spell will be over. We can only hope.

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  1. Megan says:

    Jess loved her slippers like those! We handed them down to her best friend last winter.

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