Bye Bye Birdie

6 Oct 2009 by admin, No Comments »

The other morning, we heard a sound we are in dread of hearing in our yard —– “Cock-a-doodle-dooooooo!” Yes, another bird turned out to be a rooster and had to go. In the past I had luck finding places for them to live out the rest of their natural chicken lives. This time, I needed to act quickly since we were leaving town. The only place I could find for him to go was a Wild Bird Sanctuary. He will be part of their, errrrr, feeding and nutrition program, if you catch my drift.


The kids will be happy to know he went to a favored place. We visit the sanctuary often and marvel at the birds they keep. When they ask if they’ll be able to visit their chicken, well, I guess I can tell them “Yes.” It’s true. Though they won’t be able to see him strutting around, he’ll be part of all those magnificent raptors they look at and admire. Fare the well, Fozzie Rooster.

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  1. Meg says:

    Oh no! At least he’ll be apart of the circle of life, right?

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