Harvest Time

21 Sep 2009 by admin, 3 Comments »

My garden is in its last gasps now. We’re finally getting ripe tomatoes and still more squash then we can eat but it’s clear things are winding down. I’m looking forward to pulling up all the plants (goodbye, at last, squash!) and letting the chickens loose in the yard to forage. My garden is not the only place where veggies have been springing up, they’ve been coming off the knitting needles, too.

These three will be finding new homes with my niece, nephew and a friend. Perhaps I should send some squash along with them.


  1. Megan says:

    Beautiful knitting as always!

  2. anna says:

    I am in love with these!

  3. Shannon Henrici says:

    Where did you find the pattern for the pumpkin hat? I love it. I have been searching and haven’t found anything as nice as yours.

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