White and Nerdy

2 Sep 2009 by admin, No Comments »

That would be John (the nerdy part). Not me. In celebration of his 48th birthday, we went on a Segway tour. I anticipated this tour being fun and it was! Perfect weather, a beautiful park combined with this ingenious device and we had one of the best afternoons of the summer.

A friend clued me in to this Weird Al music video (sorry, time is short so I couldn’t mess with embedding it in the post).. We were ROTFL.

I find it hard to believe that I’ve celebrated 22 of John’s birthdays with him. I remember the first one clearly — he was turning 26. I drove to Boston to visit him toting along a microwave lemon cake. We ate it under a willow tree — the same tree that (many years later) he proposed to me underneath. I searched the grocery store for microwave cake mixes and they are no longer made. It would have been nice to have a taste of the cake that started it all even if it probably would not have been as good as we both remember it to be. I guess that cake is kind of like a metaphor for our relationship. I whipped that original out in a few minutes and we devoured it together — simple, sweet, easy, perfectly sized for two. Now, I make complicated cakes from scratch, cakes that take an hour and use a thousand bowls make giant messes. We eat them with our family, amidst the messy kitchen. But you know what? It’s even better. Bigger, sweeter, with more layers, and extra filling — just like our love. Happy Birthday, John! I love you because you are so white and nerdy.

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  1. John says:

    Congratulations! Mare and I did our 23rd anniversary last month. Great picture! That looks like a ton of fun.

  2. Megan says:

    Happy Birthday, John!

    I’ve looked into the Segway tour in the past, they look so fun.

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