Balloon Bonanza

31 Mar 2009 by admin, No Comments »

We went to the zoo and then out to dinner on Sunday night to mark the end of spring break. We let the kids pick the restaurant and they chose a place famous for brewing and bottling soda. They have fabulous floats. The kid meals are also served in paper cars. As an added bonus, when we got there, there was a balloon man making the most amazing balloons we’d ever seen.

Mojo picked a butterfly — you can’t see the intricate body and antennas. It’s really cool.

But even more amazing was Oli’s alien with a light saber.

DNA, being almost 11 years old, declined getting one.

Our table was near the balloon man and throughout dinner, we watched him sculpt one amazing creation after another — he made a monkey scaling a palm tree, complete with bananas. A pirate costume with a belt, sword, hat and parrot on shoulder, and several versions of elmo. He was really talented and were were completely entertained.

We are sad that spring break is over but glad it didn’t end with a bang — all the balloons survived the ride home.

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