Silhouettes — a tutorial

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I’ve been wanting to make silhouettes of my children for ages. I love the old-fashioned feel of them and how simply they capture the essence of a child. Over the cold and wet weekend, Mojo and I jumped in and finally made them. Here are some simple instructions for those who care to make their own.

1. Take a photo of the child in profile. It would be best to be against a light, uncluttered background but use whatever works for you. Upload the photo and print it out.

2. Stick the photo onto black paper. Anything sticky would work — like a glue stick or even some doubled tape. I just happen to love using spray adhesive and keep it handy in the house. Also, I used construction paper because that is what I had on hand. A nice, acid-free black paper would probably be better.

3. Grab some small and sharp scissors and start cutting around the profile.

4. Keep cutting. Careful around the noses and small features. We gave one child an accidental “nose job” and had to start over.

5. Before you know it, you’re done! Flip over to the black side and admire your handiwork.

6. Repeat and repeat and repeat!

On my list of “to-do’s” for this week is to dig out a frame for these three and to find the perfect spot to put it.

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  1. Megan says:

    You know you want to do one of Jess. 🙂

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