We have snow!

30 Jan 2009 by admin, No Comments »

It snowed this week. A lot. Well, let me say it was a lot for us. My kids had two days off from school which almost never happens. They were very excited. Here are photos from the first snow day.




The next day it snowed even more! We inflated the snow tubes and they went sledding. The snow is still here and still beautiful. Right now Oli is outside playing in it with a friend. They are sword fighting and falling over “dead” in the fluffy snow. They miraculously come “alive” and a new battle ensues and another snow drift gets plopped into. I should go prepare the cocoa since I predict two wet and starving boys will be descending upon me soon. Battling is hungry business.

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  1. Megan says:

    Many cups of hot cocoa were had this week at our house too. Also, many trips down the hill in the backyard, snowballs thrown and snowmen constructed. I’m sad to see the snow starting to melt, but I’m glad the roads are finally clearing!

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