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It has been below freezing here — for days. Yesterday, there was a sheet of ice INSIDE our famiy room window. My children were excited by the ice and its beauty. In a stroke of “Little House on the Prairie” genius, I handed them three magical thimbles (thanx, Julie! Great timing, eh?) and let them press designs into the ice.


They amused themselves for half an hour — enchanted by the ice crystals.

I drank loads of hot coffee and watched them, bundled up. I was not enchanted by the ice — not at all, my children and their endless imaginations however, enchanted me greatly.

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  1. Megan says:

    Brrrrr…. Sadly, I’m jealous of the ice inside! (in a way) Ice inside of your window means your air was moist. It’s so dry in our house this year we are all thirsty like crazy, skin drying, and waking up with sore eyes and throats from it being so dry. I think I’m going to whip out the humidifiers.

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