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6 Mar

Homemade Garlic Hummus

This is so easy to make and tastes fresh. Much cheaper to make at home than spending $3 on a [&hellip

5 Mar

Thrift Store Score!

Every time I see a vintage pyrex piece while thrifting, I do a little happy dance! Look at this lemony [&hellip

5 Mar

Following the Arrow

Recently, Oliver graduated from Cub Scouts and earned his Arrow of Light. He has been in cub scouts for three [&hellip

4 Mar

Mr. Selfridge

John and I have a new viewing obsession, Mr. Selfridge: Image source This is so captivating that we spent a [&hellip

3 Mar

I Hate Squirrels

The last week has been a crazy week of house problems. In the end we wound up with this: A [&hellip

2 Mar

Flying Shoes

I found these sparkly shoes for Margaux at a thrift store. They were brand new and perfectly her — sparkly [&hellip

1 Mar

My Little Addiction

My mornings do not start without coffee. Over the past year, I’ve been moving away from drinking several cups toward [&hellip

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