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17 Jan

Thrift Score

I have a theory that everything I want will eventually be found at Goodwill. Around my birthday, I had a [&hellip

16 Jan


I found an old cuckoo clock at Goodwill two weeks ago. It cost me $4. It was missing a few [&hellip

14 Jan

Passage of Time

At the end of summer, John’s parents had to leave their home and move into a nursing home. The past [&hellip

14 Jan

Goals for the Week

My house is feeling a bit disorganized and messy. I need to whip it into shape before the end of [&hellip

14 Jan

Gliding Along

Our grade school sponsored a family ice skating party. This is what skating with Oliver looks like: Clinging to the [&hellip

12 Jan

Etched Glass

I made my kids these for Christmas: Personalized etched glasses. My hope is that this will cut down on the [&hellip

11 Jan

Building Big

One of last year’s resolutions was to build something big with John. Mission accomplished. This was the final step to [&hellip

10 Jan

Handmade Shirt

Another handmade present was this shirt for Margaux. She is a huge “Percy Jackson” fan and the letters represent the [&hellip

9 Jan

Simple Present

I made my kids many gifts this year. As they’ve gotten older, and play less with toys, we’re focusing more [&hellip

8 Jan

American Girl Holiday Dress

I am becoming one of those crazy adults that decorate with dolls. Well, with ONE doll. I have officially taken [&hellip

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