Archive for November, 2012

20 Nov

Sibling Love

These two: I see their friendship changing and deepening as they get older. They have friends in common. They like [&hellip

19 Nov

Little Trunk of Horrors

Before I get totally absorbed with Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorating, I need to post my Trunk or Treat Theme [&hellip

18 Nov

Change of Season

Out with the Halloween decor: And in with Thanksgiving

17 Nov

Little Pilgrim

Though I’m moving full steam ahead with the Christmas crafting, I felt the need to pause and make something that’s [&hellip

16 Nov

Tardis Mitts

I try to hand make a few gifts each year, mainly because I like to make stuff. Also, I often [&hellip

10 Nov

An Addictive Hobby

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to brew beer. Fortunately, in early January, I happened upon a brand-new, unopened [&hellip

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