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30 Mar

Freaky Finds

There are never any shortages of weird ceramic items. This doll was one of them. I’m not sure what scares [&hellip

23 Mar

Freaky Finds

I’ve been finding so many strange things while thrifting, that I am considering a regular Friday post called Freaky Finds. [&hellip

21 Mar

A Lesson on Food

The grade school was collecting items for a food pantry. This seemed like a good opportunity for my oldest child [&hellip

19 Mar

Monster Pants

Oliver is very hard on pants. About this time of year, his are all falling apart. I saw this fun [&hellip

17 Mar

Freaky Finds

John and I like thrifting. We find lots of useful stuff and even more strange stuff to look at. In [&hellip

16 Mar

PJ Day

Last night after dinner, Oliver told me that today was a PJ day at school. It sounded like fun but [&hellip

7 Mar

The Fungus Among Us

Oliver did another science fair project about mushrooms. Last year he made a model of one, this year he did [&hellip

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