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10 Apr

Kitchen Chemistry

I am attempting to make homemade sauerkraut. The process seems easy enough. Shred cabbage, add some salt and whey and [&hellip

8 Apr

Mastering Mushrooming

Last fall, Oli took an interest in mushroom hunting. This was funny to me because this kid HATES to eat [&hellip

6 Apr

The Heart of Learning

Duncan is learning about the respiratory and circulatory system this term. To further enhance what they are taught in class, [&hellip

5 Apr

Garden Boxes

John and I decided to replace our rotting raised beds in preparation for our backyard garden. With a dose of [&hellip

4 Apr

April Fool

I set the bar high in my early parenting years. My kids expect full-blown April Fool’s fun. This year, I [&hellip

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