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14 Jan

Favorite Present

I almost forgot to show my favorite Christmas present. John and Mojo made this for me: Only Harry Potter fans [&hellip

13 Jan

Organizing the Freezer

Today is a freezing cold day here. I guess it is appropriate that the organizational mission for the day is [&hellip

12 Jan

Organizing the Laundry Room

My laundry area is in the basement. It shares space with my sewing area so it often contains more than [&hellip

11 Jan

Organizing the Toys

Our play area is in the basement. It is a jumble of legos, craft supplies and dress up clothes. Overwhelming [&hellip

10 Jan

Organizing the Coat Closet

Week two of my organizing frenzy began with the coat closet. Our closet is a good size and deep but [&hellip

10 Jan

Slight Improvements

My organizing fever has spread a bit to John. Over the weekend, I found him digging through his pile of [&hellip

9 Jan


Yesterday, I rewarded myself for my week of organizing and bought a labeler and then I baked something — homemade [&hellip

8 Jan

Organizing the Pantry

Today, I organized the pantry. I love my pantry because it has lots of shelves and a pocket door to [&hellip

8 Jan

Sourdough Starter

Last week, I began another batch of sourdough starter. It takes several days establish the starter before it is ready [&hellip

7 Jan

Organizing — More Dresser Drawers

OK….I had my nice hot cup of tea and tackled Mojo’s drawers. Here’s the before: Her drawers didn’t take too [&hellip

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