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30 Mar


I have been spending a lot of time studying.  To help me out, Oli decided to decorate my notebook. I [&hellip

29 Mar

Big Chicken

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a chicken pattern at  I went crazy over it’s cuteness and had [&hellip

24 Mar

Box of Joy

Just look at these happy and excited children! Wondering what’s in the box, causing such big grins?  I’ll give you [&hellip

19 Mar

My Simple Shelves

Here they are, finished at last! These are the shelves that John and I built in one quick afternoon.  I [&hellip

18 Mar

Wearing Green

I am not Irish.  John has a bit in him and this is reason enough to exploit St. Patty’s Day [&hellip

15 Mar

Baby Gift

My niece is expecting a baby in May.  Her baby shower was this past weekend.  My kids wanted to make [&hellip

8 Mar

Oh, baby!

It’s starting to feel like spring around here.  And spring means new babies!  My friend, Megan, came over last week. [&hellip

3 Mar

The Boy “Go-To” Gift

Each season, I like to have a nice and fun “go-to” gift for kids.  This is the favorite of mine [&hellip

1 Mar

Wood Working

Yesterday, John and I built the shelves I’ve been obsessing about.  Neither of us have much experience with wood working [&hellip

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