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28 Feb

Weekend Project

In my family room: This is a fraction of the wood that I bought at Lowe’s on Friday.  They were [&hellip

27 Feb

Homemade Pizzelles

My mother requested homemade pizzelles for her birthday.  I searched high and low for anise extract for authentic ones.  No [&hellip

26 Feb

Carb Kick

The cold continues here.  As a result, I’ve been baking like crazy.  This bread was made over the weekend.  It [&hellip

25 Feb


I dropped Mojo at basketball last night.  Then I went home, did the dinner dishes, sent some emails and made [&hellip

23 Feb

Malcolm Refashioned

This week I transformed a shirt we have had for 20 years. John’s brother, my kids’ beloved “Uncle Bob” did [&hellip

22 Feb

Love is…..

A man with a paint roller, willing to tackle whatever crazy project I dream up. The half bathroom now sports [&hellip

19 Feb

After School Snack

Today was yet another cold and grey day with a weekend ice and drizzle predicted.  I can think of only [&hellip

18 Feb

Growing Young Scientists

There has been a lot of science and discovery happening in our house lately. It is Science Fair time of [&hellip

17 Feb

Cashmere for Kids

Mojo loves to wear cashmere.  Yes, she has expensive tastes for a nine year old.  Fortunately, she has a mom [&hellip

16 Feb

Magical Boy

Another shirt for Oli to feed his overactive imagination. Or maybe it’s my overactive imagination that’s being fed.  Regardless, we [&hellip

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