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21 Dec

Home Building

It is finally finished! After over 20 pieces of gingerbread, 1 hour of painstaking assembly, 24 hours of drying, 6 [&hellip

20 Dec

Gingerbread Baking

Yesterday was a very gingerbread day. I made two double batches of dough and a couple dozen little men. Is [&hellip

19 Dec

Trash Picked Treasures

This was sitting on my front porch one morning last week, courtesy of a late-night dog walk by John. I [&hellip

19 Dec

Prior Crafting

Mojo and I made this writing kit early in the fall. It seemed like a good idea to post it [&hellip

18 Dec

A Quick Trip

We just got back from a quick tropical vacation of sorts. The first grade class has been studying the rain [&hellip

17 Dec

Soaring Singers

Mojo is in a singing group at school. They are called The Soaring Singers. Since school began, they have been [&hellip

16 Dec

Finished Projects

My renewed crafting enthusiasm is not only directed at new projects, but also at finishing old projects. I knit this [&hellip

15 Dec


When I saw these cookies, I knew I had to make them. I’m crazy about anything apricot and especially cookies [&hellip

15 Dec

Christmas PJs

My exams are done and I am elated! I am attacking my holiday “to do” list with gusto. I finally [&hellip

14 Dec

Christmas Chicks

Our hen house has been empty for months now but our house will have chicks for Christmas! No, not real [&hellip

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