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25 Jul

Tourist in My Own Town

I’ve lived in this city for over 8 years. Last weekend, for the first time, I went on a riverboat [&hellip

23 Jul

Bigger Kid

We explored another new park. This park was large and fun and did not have an endless list of rules. [&hellip

22 Jul

Eat Cake

I lost a pound or two recently. I know just where to find them. Almond cake with chocolate icing drizzle. [&hellip

21 Jul

Big Kid

Yes, my child is growing up and growing up BIG. He now wears the same shoe size as me. This [&hellip

19 Jul

Dog Food Bag Recycled

John was refilling the dog food tin yesterday morning. I noticed that the bag the food came in was made [&hellip

18 Jul

Renaissance Faire — at last!

In early May, we went to the Renaissance Faire. The Faire is a yearly tradition for our family. Each and [&hellip

17 Jul

Trash Picked Treasures

I see lots of mattresses on the curb when driving around. Thrown away mattresses have no appeal to me unless, [&hellip

16 Jul

First Aid

Is there anything cuter than a pre-schooler wearing a box of band aids just because they want to? OK…..maybe her [&hellip

15 Jul

No Fun

We recently discovered a hidden little park. There are empty tennis courts and a small play area for kids. There [&hellip

14 Jul

How Not To Sell a House

We passed this house driving around town. We noticed that it had a for sale sign in the yard. Most [&hellip

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