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31 Dec

Human Hamsters

The local science center has this giant-sized hamster wheel. I could really use one of these at home — especially [&hellip

29 Dec

Winter Flowers

John’s brother Bob is in town. My children are crazy about their Uncle Bob and are hoping to monopolize every [&hellip

28 Dec

Trash Picked Treasures

I love it when I find the perfect piece of furniture at just the moment I need it. Like this [&hellip

27 Dec

Holiday Homework

My daughter’s teacher gave her a holiday present that she wants to give back — 16 pages of homework to [&hellip

26 Dec

Oh, Happy Holiday!

Yesterday was the day of days! And, boy, did we have fun! We start the day at 7:00 AM when [&hellip

24 Dec

Barn Raising

Every year we bake and decorate a gingerbread house. This year, the children decided we need to make a barn. [&hellip

24 Dec

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me: One piper piping. Yes, he was very happy that he discovered the recorder I [&hellip

23 Dec


It has been below freezing here — for days. Yesterday, there was a sheet of ice INSIDE our famiy room [&hellip

22 Dec

Big Day for Little J

My friend Julie and her husband and daughter got an early Christmas present last week —- the finalized adoption of [&hellip

20 Dec

Highway Biking

In spite of our freezing cold weather, John and Mojo went biking last weekend. Our local highway has been closed [&hellip

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