Archive for September, 2008

29 Sep

Monkey Girl

I am lucky. Now that Oli is in school each morning, to stave off loneliness and keep the house from [&hellip

25 Sep

Quick & Easy Dress

This is from the Farbenmix Henrika pattern. Oddly, when I used photo editing software to remove the camera flash red [&hellip

24 Sep

Trash-Picked Treasures

We couldn’t pass up this card table sitting on the curb. Yeah, I know it is ugly. And dirty. But [&hellip

23 Sep

Eye see you!

Oh, the things that pop out at us when hiking in the local sculpture park

22 Sep

Clutch of Eggs

This is one day’s harvest from the happy hens. We haven’t figured out which bird is laying the speckled eggs. [&hellip

19 Sep


We have been having perfect fall weather this week. On Tuesday, the kids had a half-day off from school. Combine [&hellip

18 Sep

Temporary Pet

Meet General. He was rescued from the city pound one day before his “expiration” date. He looks like a hard-core [&hellip

17 Sep

Sewing for Oli

Our weather has been cool lately. In the morning, it’s too cold for shorts. Oli has grown a lot since [&hellip

16 Sep

Chick with a Stick

Mojo is psyched because this year she’s *finally* old enough to play field hockey! She’s been dreaming of this day [&hellip

16 Sep

Fresh Crop

Two of my children have field trips to a pumpkin farm coming up. Inspired by this, I took a break [&hellip

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