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25 Jul

Clean Team

I am not much of a housekeeper. I hate cleaning and I’m no good at it. John and I joke [&hellip

24 Jul

Biker Boyz

We did it! The first full-family bike ride in over 9 years. I’ve always been left behind, tending a baby [&hellip

22 Jul

Birthday Weekend

Oli turned five over the weekend. Five is such a monumental age for our children — it signals the end [&hellip

19 Jul

First Egg

Our spring chickens are maturing. Five of our chicks have made it this far — one died and two grew [&hellip

18 Jul

Trash-picked Treasures

This was found at the curb in horrible condition. The desk top was not attached to the base. It truly [&hellip

17 Jul

More knitting

I’m enjoying sock knitting lately. I’m using one long circular needle and using the “magic loop” method instead of using [&hellip

17 Jul


Homemade blueberry pancakes with fresh berries, homemade jam and home-churned butter. Yes. Home-churned butter. Mojo and I made it — [&hellip

16 Jul

A Measure of Freedom

I remember biking all around the neighborhood when I was a child. We’d bike to visit friends, bike to explore [&hellip

16 Jul

Pantry Project

Finally completed with the help our our handy girl. This child likes to be in the thick of every project. [&hellip

14 Jul

Working Weekend

This weekend has been crazy. John and I decided to tackle some unfinished house projects — namely to re-drywall the [&hellip

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