Archive for May, 2008

22 May

A sign from above

My children will willingly obey

22 May

Vacation – Disney Day

The day after we arrived in Florida, we drove from Tampa to Orlando to stay for a few days and [&hellip

21 May

Vacation – Day 1

We flew to Florida. Oli was very excited as he has no memory of every being on a plane. He [&hellip

19 May

Life without photos

My camera did not make it through our vacation. Well, maybe it did, but it didn’t make it with us. [&hellip

18 May

Big Birds

The chickens, they are growing. They are feathered now (instead of fuzzy) and are living outside full time. They cozy [&hellip

17 May

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

He wouldn’t tell them

10 May

Skipping Away

I’m off to have some fun with my favorite folks. I’ll be back in a few days

9 May

Trash-picked Treasures

This was found on St. Patty’s day with a big FREE sign on it. A beauty, eh? Just look at [&hellip

8 May

Summer Bag

My friend Megan and I have challenged each other to buy a yard of fabric we wouldn’t normally buy. We [&hellip

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