Archive for April, 2008

4 Apr

Sunny Sewing

I haven’t spent much time with my machines lately. The children all have enough warm clothing and spring hasn’t sprung [&hellip

3 Apr

Car knitting

John declared that this hat is too girly for E’s expected boy. Though I suspect his dislike has much more [&hellip

2 Apr

Trash-picked Treasures

Mojo draws or crafts every day and this has mostly been happening at the kitchen table. Which is fine until [&hellip

1 Apr

April Fools

This morning, I passed out breakfast and set out a plate of sliced “oranges.” Let the jokes and April Foolin’ [&hellip

1 Apr

Game night

It’s raining again and we’re all too tired to do our usual Monday-night swimming. At the children’s request, we had [&hellip

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