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31 Mar

Hotel Life

When Mojo was 2 yrs old, she proclaimed “When I grow up, I wanna live in a hotel!” It’s no [&hellip

31 Mar

Weekend Away

Guess where we went this past weekend….. If you guessed the this museum, you were right! The children stepped back [&hellip

27 Mar

New Hair

Mojo got a new haircut today. The ladies at the salon were oooh-ing and aaah-ing over her highlights. They happen [&hellip

26 Mar

To the slaughter

They fought over the head. The drippy icing eyes only added to its appeal

26 Mar

A Hike in the Woods

Finally, spring weather has arrived. The kids have no school this week and the great outdoors beckoned. We went hiking. [&hellip

25 Mar

Little Elf Hat

This little hat has been on my “to-knit” list for a while — just waiting for the right little baby [&hellip

23 Mar

Happy Easter!

Our day began with a treasure hunt for Easter baskets. The oh-so-clever bunny left poetic clues in eggs that led [&hellip

20 Mar

Bunny love

I’m a little late in thinking about Easter baskets this year. Maybe it’s because it’s been so rainy & gray? [&hellip

19 Mar

A night in which the basement floor pays for itself

Several years ago, we waterproofed & finished our basement to make it usable living space. Prior to getting work done, [&hellip

18 Mar

Thrift Store Score

I’ve been on a thrifting roll lately. In the same trip that I found my tin barn, I found this: [&hellip

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