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30 Oct

Feed the world

I am chained to the kitchen this week. It’s all my own doing but still I feel enslaved to my [&hellip

27 Oct


Clio is coming for a visit today. I’ve seen her almost weekly since she moved into her permanent home. I [&hellip

15 Oct

Complicated coat

Mojo needs a winter coat. I have been looking high and low for a classic-looking girls coat for her. She [&hellip

15 Oct

End of summer

The garden’s last gasp. I finally managed to wack through the mess of tomato plants in our long-abandoned garden. In [&hellip

12 Oct

Some knitting love

Hats for Oli out of super-soft cotton as wool is just too “fuzzy” for him: He’s obsessed with vikings (and [&hellip

4 Oct

Pirate clothes

I’ve been on a pirate clothing streak. Three separate pirate outfits for Oli. I’m losing my mind over the cuteness [&hellip

2 Oct

Trash Picked Treasures

John was out walking the dog a few months ago and found this lovely gem out on the curb. It [&hellip

1 Oct

Sewing & knitting projects

Just thought I’d post a pic of one of Oli’s recent hats along with a shirt I made him

1 Oct

Ordinary day

It’s Monday. Children are all in school this morn. Dinner is already in the crockpot for this evening (chili). Coffee [&hellip

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