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1 Jan

Magical Bluebird

I picked this book up from the library yesterday. It had been on my request list forever so I was [&hellip

16 Dec

Finished Projects

My renewed crafting enthusiasm is not only directed at new projects, but also at finishing old projects. I knit this [&hellip

21 Sep

Harvest Time

My garden is in its last gasps now. We’re finally getting ripe tomatoes and still more squash then we can [&hellip

20 Aug

Green Hats

I knit these hats during one long day of sitting in the car. They were all from the same pattern [&hellip

12 Mar

More Knitting

Since life has been so wild, I needed to knit more.  This is for my little Pie.  She specifically asked [&hellip

5 Mar

Knitting Frenzy

I am a stress knitter. I realize that when my life gets crazy with activities, instead of kicking back and [&hellip

10 Feb

The Mittens

Last week in kindergarten, Oli’s teacher read the class The Mitten. Afterwards, they did mitten crafts — basically tracing their [&hellip

2 Feb


Sometimes, knitting is just too much fun! John needed a warm hat for his late-night dog walks. After looking through [&hellip

12 Jan

Happy Feet

Oli loves hats and socks — especially handmade socks. He is very particular about the toes on socks bunching up [&hellip

29 Nov

Gnome Knitting

Yes. I really do get stuck knitting many of the same items. When I make one and like how it [&hellip

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