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1 Oct

Last Horse

The last one is done!  This one is for Mojo.  She has named him Xander — after the horse she [&hellip

29 Sep

Crafty Gifts

I am finally getting around to finishing the other horses I knit this summer.  This one became a birthday gift [&hellip

31 Aug

Sewing with Nancy

Nancy brought along a vintage curtain panel.  She found this among her mother’s items after her death.  Her mom made [&hellip

20 Jul

Vacation Knitting

While away on vacation, I started to get back into my knitting groove.  And, as usual, I found one pattern [&hellip

15 Feb

The Sweater

I started knitting this sweater a few months ago. Mojo kept asking when it was going to be done.  It [&hellip

7 Feb

Queen Bee

I made this hat last week. This is a pattern I’ve been wanting to try for a while — it’s [&hellip

3 Feb

Little Critters

Mojo needed new mittens. We were trolling through mitten patterns on Ravelry (my favorite knitting site) when we both saw [&hellip

1 Feb

The Last Pair

I have finally finished my winter slipper knitting. DNA’s pair was the last one off the needles. He was skeptical [&hellip

23 Jan

More Mitts

John was out of town all week. When he’s away, I usually go crazy with some household project. I wasn’t [&hellip

11 Jan


Because I just can’t knit just one and, maybe, because I’m crazy and get all obsessed with knitting tiny things, [&hellip

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