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14 Sep

Going to England to See the Queen!

My friend, Nancy, won a trip to England through her local Richmond, VA PBS station.  I was the super-lucky woman [&hellip

3 Oct

Pumpkin Hats

My fall knitting is in full gear.  I completed a pumpkin hat from my free pattern for a friend’s new [&hellip

23 Mar

Little Elf Doll

Oliver has had a little elf doll for years. It is still his favorite bedtime snuggly. When I saw the [&hellip

21 Mar

More Little Hedgies

The hedgehog knitting obsession continues. These were made for some little friends. More are in the works with plans for [&hellip

7 Jan

Free Knitting Pattern

I finally got around to writing down the instructions to my favorite hat. As seen on Oliver several years ago: [&hellip

5 Jan

More Knits

These were quick and easy last-minute knits for my animal-loving daughter: Each one took only about an hour to make, [&hellip

4 Jan

Holiday Handknits

My kids have been Hobbit crazy the past few months. It started with our summer car trip where we listened [&hellip

16 Nov

Tardis Mitts

I try to hand make a few gifts each year, mainly because I like to make stuff. Also, I often [&hellip

6 Oct

Lucky Baby

My daughter’s teacher had a baby last week. Margaux wanted to make her a special present. In one long evening [&hellip

23 Apr

Piano Girl

Margaux has become crazy about the piano this year. I attribute this obsession to her wonderful teacher. Having had many [&hellip

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