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23 Mar

Happy Easter!

Our day began with a treasure hunt for Easter baskets. The oh-so-clever bunny left poetic clues in eggs that led [&hellip

13 Mar

Science Fair, continued.

Sometimes, hard work pays off. And even more sweet than a blue ribbon (which they both gave to Oli) was [&hellip

12 Mar

Wax Museum

Mojo’s class has been working on a big project for a few weeks. They’ve been writing their autobiographies and reading [&hellip

10 Mar

Meet Allen

A fun project that Oli worked on recently — his anatomy man — named Allen. First, we traced Oli onto [&hellip

5 Mar

Art Hill

It snowed yesterday and since deep snow is not a regular event here, we did what we had to do. [&hellip

4 Mar

Science Fair

Our school science fair is tomorrow. Being a family of procrastinators all the way down the line, it wasn’t until [&hellip

1 Mar

Botanical Garden

Finally, a nice & warm day has arrived! Before we could knuckle down to the work of finishing science fair [&hellip

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