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13 Sep

Little Dog

Little dog is melting our hearts. ¬†We still haven’t settled on a name for him though we are getting close. [&hellip

11 Sep

Hot Dog!

When my son left for college a few weeks ago, we joked that we were going to replace him with [&hellip

15 May

End of Year

Another school year winds to a close. We have just over a week left until summer can begin. During these [&hellip

10 Apr

Signs of Spring

Spring is inching forward here in St Louis. The grass is greener, trees are starting to bud, daffodils are blooming, [&hellip

10 Mar

Downton Attire — Finally!

I have a mild obsession with Downton Abbey. The characters, the scenery, the costumes — I don’t know which I [&hellip

5 Mar

Following the Arrow

Recently, Oliver graduated from Cub Scouts and earned his Arrow of Light. He has been in cub scouts for three [&hellip

4 Mar

Mr. Selfridge

John and I have a new viewing obsession, Mr. Selfridge: Image source This is so captivating that we spent a [&hellip

3 Mar

I Hate Squirrels

The last week has been a crazy week of house problems. In the end we wound up with this: A [&hellip

23 Feb

Day Off

We have had a lot of snow days this year — more than our usual. Last week, I received an [&hellip

21 Feb

Cupcakes for Compost

My daughter had to do a science project about composting. She and her project partners decided to sell cupcakes to [&hellip

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