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21 Aug

Tiny Eggs

My friend Laura raises quail in her backyard.  I traded some veggies for a carton of eggs.  Aren’t they cute? [&hellip

20 Aug

Chicken Update

The birds are thriving.  Now we are getting 2 eggs each day. They spend part of the day in their [&hellip

5 Aug

The First Egg

For the last few weeks, I have been starting to worry that our white Leghorn chicken was a rooster.  It [&hellip

30 Jun

Chicken Run

I finally have some time to go through photos and write a bit.  I wanted to show off the new [&hellip

20 Apr

Chicken Love

The chicks are growing bigger but still very much played with by the kids.  After school, they can be found [&hellip

5 Apr

Even More Birds

Our house is overflowing with chickens.  The real baby chicks are still living in our family room, in a cage, [&hellip

24 Mar

Box of Joy

Just look at these happy and excited children! Wondering what’s in the box, causing such big grins?  I’ll give you [&hellip

14 Dec

Christmas Chicks

Our hen house has been empty for months now but our house will have chicks for Christmas! No, not real [&hellip

26 Oct

Murder Most Fowl

A few weeks ago, John went outside to let the birds out and feed them and was greeted by this: [&hellip

23 May

It's War!

We’re really lucky to have managed to keep chickens for years without intruders. Our luck has run out. Yesterday, upon [&hellip

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