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14 Jan

Goals for the Week

My house is feeling a bit disorganized and messy. I need to whip it into shape before the end of [&hellip

18 Feb


Yes, my house is still organized over a month after I started my organizing binge. Weirdly, I’m looking for stuff [&hellip

9 Feb

Organizing Mojo’s Closet

I have finished all the closets in this house. My daughter’s was done last month. Here’s her before: My kids [&hellip

24 Jan

Organizing the Boys Closet

Last week, I tackled closets. I started with the one in my sons’ room. The before: I rounded up all [&hellip

19 Jan

Cleaning the Fridge

I’ve done the freezer. I have cleaned out and organized every cabinet & drawer. The pantry is neat and organized. [&hellip

18 Jan

Organizing the Bathroom Closet

I hate our upstairs bathroom. The plumbing is old and the water pressure is low. The hot water trickles out [&hellip

17 Jan

Organizing my Sewing Space

I am facing up to it — I am a clutter magnet. I have been that way for over 40 [&hellip

15 Jan

Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

Here’s the before: It had been a while since I’ve gone through this space. I tossed a lot including my [&hellip

15 Jan

How to Clean an Iron

On laundry room cleaning day, I took a Mr. Clean eraser to my sticky and dirty iron in an attempt [&hellip

14 Jan

Organizing the Spice Cabinets

I have my spices and small baking supplies spread among these two cabinets: These cabinets were in need of a [&hellip

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